Professional Pilot Logbook

Modern and Automated

Free under 300h!

Available on iPhone and iPad

Reliable and Easy to use

Modern user interface design allows for quick Logbook flight and simulator data entry and management.

Cloud Synchronisation

Full Realtime cloud synchronisation will keep your data safe at all times and accessible on all your devices.

Affordable Price

Most competetive price on the market. Less than $6 per month. Free Trial for all users, try before you subscribe!

iPhone & iPad

Professional Pilot Logbook that works well on both iPhone & iPad
You can use as many devices as you like, with our real time Cloud Synchronization you are able to see all your Logbook changes on other devices.
Simply sign in to our Cloud Server in the app settings on every device.

Detailed Flight View

Simply tap on your flight to unfold detailed flight view. Detailed flight additionally shows:
- Night Graph
- Takeoffs and Landings
- Pilot Function Times
- Toggles for Landing Runway
- Quick Access to Remarks
- Access to Edit Flight

Smart Dark Theme

You can change your app theme in settings. Current options include: Light, Dark and Automatic theme change based on your device Dark Mode.

Custom PDF Formatter

You can format your Logbook in anyway you like and generate Logbook PDF's. Your recently generated PDF's will be stored within the app for quick and easy access. You can share or print your Logbook directly from the App.

Automated Statistics

Our app keeps track of all your flying experience. Showing you number of Flights, Pilots flowing with, Aircraft flown and different Airports visited.
Each logged time function will be shown, and Takeoff and Landings presented on a pie chart.
Monthly view shows each year and total hours in that year, with a monthly breakdown of hours logged in each month.

Map Statistics

Full detailed route view to see all your flights for any year/month in your logbook.
Share option allows you to export your map as an image with customisation options, allowing you to include totals bar and more!

Airport Statistics

Detailed airports graph to show you all your airports and how many times you have flown to/from them.
All airports also visible on the Map, with all your totals visible right below them!

Sign Your Flights Electronically

Using our Signature feature, you can sign your logbook and individual logbook flights! All signatures will be clearly visible on any exported Logbook Documents.

Flight Map

Simply head in to Add/Edit flight screen and click 'Open Map' to see your flight.
A Great Circle route will be displayed between currently selected Departure and Arrival airports for detailed view!

Free under 300h Total Time

To save you money during Flight Training, Swift Logbook is completely free until you reach 300h total time. You don't have to subscribe or provide payment information. Just download the app and start logging flights, all features enabled!

Once you exceed 300h you can still export and manage your logbook without a subscription. Subscription allows you to add more flights. Subscription costs less than £5 per month (Amount will differ with currencies)